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Never one for settling for greatness, Phil Sardo continues his search for perfection in the Psardo Chromatic harmonica. The already astonishing tone and elegance of the Goldbar and Elite is being pushed to even greater heights though such advances can be measured with a micrometer. And yet the sound, the ease of play, airflow integrity are getting even better. It may be difficult to improve on what has been called "the best harp in the world" but just try to stop Phil Sardo.

Due to the overwhelming positive response we have been getting at Philharmonicas and the undying popularity of the 12-hole chromatic harmonica, Phil Sardo will announce at this year's SPAH convention the new Psardo Chromatic 48. There is no doubt that the this new addition to the Philharmonicas line will be every bit as fabulous in sonic perfection and design elegance as the flagship Psardo Chromatic 64 Goldbar.

Italian Composer Andrea Antonello Nacci, well-versed in instrument design and the physics involved, has speculated, based on the design specs alone, that the Psardo Chromatic 64 should be among, if not, the best sounding harmonica ever produced. We hope that Sig. Nacci will be able to test his theory directly by having his own Psardo harmonica very soon.