Philharmonicas at SPAH 2017
Phil Sardo, his lovely wife Virginia ("Ginny"), charming sister Cindy ("Cindy"). and brothers Tony and Carmine ("Guitar") once again had a wonderful and successful time at the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica (SPAH) convention, this year held in beautiful downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma USA. It was not all just for playing music, enjoying good food, meeting old friends and making new ones; not for Philip Sardo, inventor of the revolutionary Psardo Chromatic 64. As in past years, Phil and family laid out an elaborate and luxurious presentation booth for Philharmonicas, the company founded to manufacture and promote Phil's extraordinary new harmonica. And what better place to awe the veteran players and enthusiastic novices with the astonishing tonal quality and pitch perfect fullness of an instrument that has not been re-imagined for over a century. Until now. The diamond-sprinkled tables sat before huge posters, elegant portraits, and mesmerizing video displays extolling the numerous virtues of the PSardo Chromatic Harmonica.

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